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The Whitening

In the dead of the night, as the world slept,
The stirring started.
At first it was barely distinguishable,
But then, the leaves began to rustle.
Not enough to arouse the slumbering homeowners.

"Whish!" exclaimed the brilliant comet
As it peaked over the solitary tree near the porch,
The birds of day rested in its branches.
Gliding across the night sky unnoticed,
The shooting star left behind,
A blazing white trail to show its path.

Then in mid-flight it happened!
An audible crash echoed through the once silent night
The streaking comet careened off a window.
"Oops!" screamed a muffled voice.
A much greater disturbance followed.

Suddenly light flooded a room in the house.
The window was hurriedly opened, Too late
The rustling in the yard had already ceased.
"Damn kids!" Mr. Smith moaned as he surveyed
His snow white striped lawn that warm June night.

This is a rewritten  poem from High School

The original was graded by an English teacher as marginal, so several years later when I decided to put it on the web page I modified it a bit 

(Hopefully for the better)