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Snowed In

BEEP - Incessant alarm!

CRASH- (Alarm and floor meet.)

Ugh - I only have an hour.

sigh - No loose parts-no harm.

humm - What to eat?

umm - No, first a shower.

OOO - COLD! Dumb water knob!

ring - The distant phone.

Humm - Who calls at 6am?!?!

Burr - Sure is cold today...

Eerp - Caller ID is a beautiful thing!

Ring - "Hey Adam, why'd you call?"

YEAH - "No kidding! I hadn't even looked outside."

Click - Not bad for a Monday.

ZZZ - Why waste a great opportunity to sleep?

This was written while I was living in Rhode Island in the winter

It was my first real attempt at a stream-of-thought poem