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Welcome to the Dirt Road,

  This is about the 6th major revision it has undergone since conception in 1996.  It is still a work in progress so forgive me if there are typos and such.  This revision was mainly to convert it all over to FrontPage 2000.  Originally I played around with the HTML and coded it all, but nowadays its so much easier to just let a program do it all for you...and I'm inherently lazy I suppose.

  The changes you might notice, aside from the colors and such, are:

bulletgreatly reduced photo album, but more recent photos
bulletno real job history/academic background pages
bulletfewer links
bulletmore poems and art

The main reason for this is that I decided that there was no real reason to have all the other stuff on here since I'm not actively job hunting and no one really cares what I did in college. :)

War Eagle,