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Until now life has consisted of a collection of one-way streets. Each leading to a discrete location.

The next beginning where the previous one ended. Now I am at a crossroads. Before me is a dilemma.

I see the familiar one-way road, and another with a center line.

What should I do? Venture onto the wider road, Or follow the familiar narrow one.

Is the risk of oncoming traffic worth the options it allows?

Should I risk getting lost with the choice, or stay with the secure route?

I think I'll stay with the one-way path this time, But keep an eye to the other, trying to discern its destination.

Perhaps I can return to follow it when I am not so rushed, when I can risk being lost for a time.


I wrote this while I was contemplating one of the many major decisions we make in life

Though it doesn't rhyme (which is a major problem for me, poetry that doesn't rhyme is not poetry in my opinion) I do think it conveys it's message